APOC Wolfie decal on a lil Ripper helmet

Well, kids, it seems as though the ‘Wolfie’ decals are a big hit. You can see where a little BMX ripper chose to put his in the photo here.They’re definitely the biggest seller so far. I really thought that ‘Motor Head’ was going to blow out the doors. Who knew. There are eight decals in the APOC line now, all based on paintings I’ve kicked out. Make sure you poke around in the store to see the whole line. Most of the original paintings are for sale there as well. You can own an APOC original of your own!

APOC and SOBA at the Bowling Fight

I’m one of the lucky insiders that got invited to the LOVE TATTOO vs. WORKHORSE IRONS bowling fight. Soba was in rare form. I thought alcohol was a depressant? The crew at WORKHORSE ran away with it, thanks to ringers like Mini Mike and Jenny ‘The Cru- sher’ Clauson. It is my personal opinion that bowling is really just a sick experiment in public humiliation for the majority of us.


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